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  1. If you are accessing this website from an unsupported region, your ability to access may be restricted or blocked.

Name Changes

  1. If you do not have a profile yet on, go to the home page and add your current username to the queue.
  2. If your username changes while you are in the update queue, use your new username to lookup the profile once it has processed. Changing your username while in the queue will not cause you to lose your place in queue.
  3. If your username changes and you already have a profile on, continue to use your old username on for lookups. When you want to update your profile again, you will need to go to the home page and add your current/new username to the queue.

Data Retention

  1. Generated full-history profiles may expire after becoming 365 days old.
  2. 2020-only profiles may expire after 2021.
  3. We do not guarantee support for expired profiles. We do not guarantee retention of expired profiles.
  4. We do not store match data for historical purposes. Requesting an update for a summoner that already has a profile will not use any matches no longer present in the summoner’s match history (any matches that have grown more than 2 years old).
  5. Generally speaking, 2020-only profiles can only be added/updated once. Exceptions to this policy will be reserved for Patrons only.
  6. We do our best to collect (and retry collecting) all match data, but due to Riot API’s high error rate, we’ll generate the profile anyway if less than 10% of the matches can’t be processed.
  7. Due to stale caches, a profile that is visited, updated, and revisited within a short period of time may continue to display old data for up to 10 minutes after the profile is processed in the update queue. If you are seeing old data after your profile has been processed, try waiting a few minutes and then refresh the page.
  8. For a summoner that has no match history for the past 2 years, a profile will not be generated and no error message will be displayed. This is currently the intended behavior. If a profile you’ve submitted to the update queue has reached the front of the queue but can’t be found using the “lookup” button after it’s been processed, this means the profile can’t be generated (usually due to a lack of data).

Friends Page

  1. Friend usernames may be outdated. Clicking on a friend’s old username to attempt to view their profile will not lead to the new username.

Champions Page

  1. Vision score per hour and Gold per minute use the duration of the game minus 1 minute. cs/min uses the full duration of the game.
  2. Certain statistics like vision score per hour and average dragons are specific to Summoner’s Rift and will not be influenced by ARAM or other special game types. However, other more general statistics like KD or KDA will be influenced by ARAM and special game types EXCEPT for when a Summoner’s Rift lane icon is present.