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Tournament API

The Tournament API is a public API that enables Tournament Organizations (TO) to more effectively use

Signup and Verification

  1. You must be (or represent) a current tournament organization for League of Legends. Individuals not representing a TO as a staff member will be denied access to the API. Using a tournament organization’s API key for personal purposes may result in access termination.
  2. You will be asked to provide evidence of:
    • previous tournament history
    • upcoming events
    • active participation by members
    • rules of participation and/or terms of service
  3. Once approved, you may be required to join the Patreon “Tournament API Access” tier to satisfy the setup fee. Ongoing Patreon membership is not required after the setup fee is paid.
  4. A key will be manually issued within 1 business day. A tentative quota will be set based on the frequency and size of tournaments.
  5. A representative from your tournament organization must remain in the discord server.

API Service

  1. Usage of the tournament API should be restricted to TO staff only.
  2. There is no SLA. Check the discord announcements channel,, or the home page for downtime and maintenance notifications.

API Authentication

  1. All API requests are served via HTTPS.
  2. All API responses are in JSON format.
  3. All API requests require a ?api_key= query parameter.
    • The reference pages/API forms also require a ?api_key= query parameter.
  4. Some API requests incur a quota cost. If there is not enough quota remaining to complete a request, there will be a 400 status response.
  5. Issued API keys are permanent and belong solely to the tournament organization they were issued to.
  6. If reasonable care is not taken to secure issued API keys, access may be suspended.
  7. If the assigned API key becomes compromised, please notify iaace immediately for issuance of a new key.

API Quota

  1. If the quota approaches 0, please reach out to iaace for an increase/reset. There is no fee associated with quota increases.
  2. Quotas do not reset at regular intervals automatically. This is for manual auditing purposes.
  3. There is no rate limit enforced for legitimate requests. However, if your application averages more than 1 request per hour, please notify iaace.

API Forms

  1. You’re welcome to implement the API in your own applications provided you continue to satisfy the requirements necessary to use the API.
  2. Otherwise, no coding is necessary and you may use the reference implementation pages.
  3. Attribution is not required- You are not required to publicly disclose that the source of data comes from However, you cannot intentionally misrepresent the source of data.

Available Endpoints


Check the amount of remaining calls your API key has.


Add a profile to the queue. These update requests are deprioritized over captcha-verified human requests.


Begin a username history search.


Retrieve a previous result for username history.

Username Search Addendum


Access to these tools is restricted:

The following is a non-exhaustive list of reasons that are unsanctioned and will result in access termination:

All queries AND query attempts performed are logged and will include the following information:

By performing any search, you are consenting to the collection and storage of this information in perpetuity. You cannot revoke this consent after performing a search. We will also reserve the right for public users to be able to see if their account was ever a result in any search. We will use the logged information listed above to provide the user with the Date, Time, and Tournament Organization name that queried their information.